sítv.hu is the first WebTV of Hungary dedicated to winter sports and tourism. It offers much more features and more facilities than a traditional Internet Website or a traditional TV broadcasting.

sítv.hu – the complex winter portal

We set up a home page to enable Hungarian skiers, cross-country skiers, snowshoe walkers, sledders and snowboarders but even skaters to find all information they need. And all these addressed to in a modern, young and dynamic environment.
sítv.hu aims at offering - besides videos – complex services to Internet fans. Owing to its unique database which being continuously extended it helps selecting the appropriate ski resort, accommodation or tourist office.
In addition to this, due to its reporter and panorama webcam net, there are daily updated weather and snow reports and forecasts.
The community build-up role of the webpage shall particularly be stressed as by using sítv.hu, anybody can look for a fellow-traveller, or make business on the ski marketplace, or can share his/her photos, videos and experience with all users.

sítv.hu – TV-show without stress

If you visit our home page, stop endless staring to long publicity blocks, browsing of TV programs, runs home (Oh dear, could I return home before the beginning of my favourite ski channel …?!?!?) – the 21st century has now got the age of Internet-TV watching, even more and more people change their watching habit to select thematic channels and WebTV-s beside/instead of big ones.

sítv.hu – the reformer

With the help and assistance of its own shooting team and partners abroad, sítv.hu will offer a huge number of fresh videos to its users. Highlights of events and competitions, fresh news headlines, weather forecasts, technical tips, tutorial films, shows from ski resorts, hotels, business and ski school presentations can be seen by spectators. Particular access can be offered to snowboarder videos or to „home” videos shot by spectators.
We have founded the SkiTV Club, too – which can be accessed or logged in by everybody. Club membership is linked to many advantages, among others club members are entitled to discount purchases in the sítv.hu partner shops, to participate to ski travels, ski camps, club dayrooms in order not only to be linked by Internet!


sítv.hu – the expert

In Hungary we have created a unique system for searching ski resorts. If You are looking for a resort where e.g. there is a sledding pistes or night skiing and piscine but located near to Hungary, with some clicks we show You which resort to select.
A new initiative is that a special experts’ team has been set up who are able to emit authentic and up-to-date declarations in user-relevant issues. Trainers, coaches, ski shop owners, racers, even practitioners are included into the sítv.hu experts’ team.
Another innovation is the creation of a reporter’s network to furnish week in week out fresh and veritably authentic information from ski resorts.

sítv.hu – the place of efficient ads

sítv.hu will be capable to better-aimed addressing the target public of ad-publishers. Instead of campaigns costing arm and leg of national TV-channels it will be cheaper and more efficient to select more targetable ad forms.
We have set as a purpose of ours to promote the demand towards the goods and services offered by our ad-publishers and to help to the 400 to 500 thousand Hungarian ski lovers and snowboarders in the selection.

sítv.hu – the team

Dreamers and drafters of sítv.hu are disposing of an experience exceeding ten years of TV, communication and sport management, ski training and medical practitionership.

sítv.hu will presumably be starting in Autumn 2009 with a main goal that this web page could become the decisive source of news, information and experience of Hungarian skiing and snowboarding life within a short time.

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